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Quote: (Originally Posted by FEREZ1) no mate, people like me dont suck, people like me are realistic and dont follow stupid fantasies like little girls! So many people on this board go on about how gr8 Stapp is, when its blantantly obvious he cares for himself only. Its people like you who must annoy the hell out of Mark and Flip. I used to adore everything about creed, but i know hate Stapp. How come? How come he gets so much disrespect from his peers? Why are so many fans losing faith in him? STOP ROMANTACIZING PEOPLE AND GET REAL!!
How could i spread crap like this, hmm cuz its my opinion. I have become totally disillusioned with Stapp.
Dude, you need to shut the hell up. I obviously don't agree with you, but I certainly don't fantasize about Scotty. He's mostly disrespected b/c Creed are a respectable band, not engaging in the stuff usually associated w/ rock artists. I mean, Fred Durst? Should we really care what he thinks about Stapp? Sure you can post your own opinions, but don't be an asshole about it.