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I can't believe this thread even got this far! OMG!! Scott Stapp is a human being! Not a God , a HUMAN BEING!!!!! Everyone at some point in thir lives has a made stupid mistakes! Your whole drug comment was a waste of time because how many rock stars do you know who haven't done drugs!!! God, the last two Presidents we had in office even did drugs!(sorry , I got political!!) You will criticize me just for me name , right! He's a good man who has done so many good things outside of his music. I don't know him personally but he has done good works! Creed as a whole is a great rock band. I don't feel Mark was held back by them and I hope they all have wonderful solo projects! Whatever happens in the future I will always support all of them! I believe your opinion is bias because you read too much in the paper and believe everything you read! The Chicago show is now going on over a year! Let's just get over it people!

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