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Quote: (Originally Posted by FEREZ1) I would like to apologize for the way i represented myself with this situation. I want to get involved in your discussion if u accept me. I ain gonna change my opinion on Stapp, cuz that would be hypocritical, but i understand i came across as a jerk. I agree with a lot u av 2 say, and i still like creed immensely, but don't pass me off as a fool. I know a hell of a lot bout rock and roll and if u aren't offended i would like to continue to post in the future. There wont be any name-calling i promise!!

To change your opinion of Stapp would be hypocritical.....I got a chuckle out of that one......takes a much bigger person to admit that they might be wrong about someone that one who is afraid of doing so because they will look like a hypocrite.