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Part II

Quote: (Originally Posted by FEREZ1) 4)He was kicked out of college for marijuana, not to mention aforementioned barroom brawls, being sued for being completely wasted in concert, etc.)
5) He's being sued for his disgraceful Chicago performance, then has the GALL to defend himself! He can't even own up to his mistakes
6) I feel it to be a giant slap in the face of any Christian to openly impersonate Jesus Christ.
7) THE PUNCHING INCIDENT "Some local went up to Scott while he was dancing," says the witness, "and said, 'You should've stuck with Pearl Jam.' So Scott yelled back, 'You wanna disrespect me?' and starts screaming. And the other guy was like, 'You're not a superstar.'" Stapp then punched the other man in the face, giving him a bloody lip and black eye, before the crowd could break them up.

4. If anyone who had ever smoked pot was prohibited from playing rock music.....rock and roll wouldn't exist...doofus.....they also have been known to trash hotel rooms too. (Van Halen is barred from life from the Holiday Inn Hotel Chain because they trashed so many Holiday Inn hotel rooms). Do you even know who Jimi Hendrix was?????? or Janis Joplin??????

5. Actually....this one shouldn't count....I told you except for Chicago....but since you insist on bringing it up. was a pretty bad mistake. If I had been there I probably would be mad and want my money back.....but a year later I wouldn't still be bitchin about it. See I have the ability to look at the situation as if maybe it was mine....and I have to admit that if it had been me....I had dealt with all the stuff that had gone on in that year....I was exhausted and ill....I just might have made the same bad decision. I'm not willing to give up on another person based on one bad decision.

6. standing with your arms open can be taken no other way than an impersonation of Jesus Christ. Its obvious that you don't know alot about body language.....If you listen to country at all there is a video by Tim McGraw where he does exactly the same pose...11.....yes 11 you hate him too? Okay....I'm not sure if he ever smoked pot in college....

7. The incident you mention involved someone who badgered Stapp all night, and didn't just mention Pearl Jam.....he brought up the guy's child. And when fists started flying....voila....there was a photographer to snap a picture. Its usually planned that way. The heckler went there for the express purpose of riling him my deal is he got what he deserved....a bloody nose. How many movie stars have you seen that punched out photographers, not for taking pictures of them.....but for taking pictures of their children. Unless you want to feel pain.....leave a person's children out of the equation.

Nice guy......well my take on it is....he hasn't done anything the most all of us haven't done too. Hey....I smoked some weed in college. I've gotten drunk before....and I'd no doubt punch the bejesus out of someone who went after my family.........

Now......would you like to discuss any further.......