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Yes, Dogstar!! I believe you are right about the WE vs. HE issue and also about Marshall being the one to bash Vedder.

Ferez1, I agree with Dogstar. You have to understand, you are brand new here, coming in and bashing a member of a band we all love. We have already had so many of your kind who come on this bb and present their "opinions" in a way that gets everyone's back up. Stapp has made some bad decisions, yes, but he is only human and should not be put on a pedestal. I think way too many people have this idealistic standard that they think he "should" live up to, and the minute he disappoints, they have plenty of bad things to say. Are we all perfect, or do we all make mistakes? Just because someone is in the public eye all the time doesn't give people license to expect perfection from them. If you're human, you make mistakes. Hopefully, you learn from them and move on. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.......peace

If there's one thing I hope I showed you... Just Give Love To All

Next Time I See This Face, I'll Say I Choose To Live For Always....So Won't You Come Inside and Never Go Away

There's Still Time...All That Has Been Devastated Can Be Recreated.....Realize, We Pick Up The Broken Pieces Of Our Lives, Giving Ourselves to Each Other, to Rest Our Head On