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OMG!!! Are you for real?!!?!? I'll ask it again ...
You're a Creed fan??? This must be a joke!!!
Quote: (Originally Posted by FEREZ1) 1) Saying he wishs they could do as much as Pearl Jam have, then saying he could "kick Eddie Veddar's ass!"
When the F did he say that? When he challenged him to the wrestling match? Umm ... that was for entertainment only ... a way to end the animosity ... and raise money for charity at the same time. I actually thought it was a pretty good idea ... just for fun!
Quote: 2) Blantantly sacking Marshall because he wasn't afraid to say what he felt.(which obviously ain allowed on this message board)
Were you there? No one knows what really happened. I'm sure there was a lot more to the story than this. Besides, Scott was upset that Brian was somewhat talking negatively about another band because it makes Creed look bad ... another example of why #1 is obviously not true!
Quote: 3) Saying that Creed will end when HE feels they can't go any further.
I think you only WANT to believe he meant him alone.
Quote: 4)He was kicked out of college for marijuana, not to mention aforementioned barroom brawls, being sued for being completely wasted in concert, etc.)
So ... he smoked pot? I don't suggest we take a poll here to see how many have done the same at some point in their lives. CORRECTION --> singular bar room brawl. I don't condone this type of behavior ... but I guess a person could only take so much ... AND ... he has addressed this issue several times. Considering there was a friend waiting anxiously with a camera ... obviously, this was deliberately provoked.
Quote: 5) He's being sued for his disgraceful Chicago performance, then has the GALL to defend himself! He can't even own up to his mistakes
I agree that he made a HUGE mistake at this concert ... one that he will probably never live down. Yes ... he should have owned up to it ... but my guess is that he probably couldn't with the lawsuit going on. HE'S HUMAN!
Quote: 6) I feel it to be a giant slap in the face of any Christian to openly impersonate Jesus Christ.
I won't even address this as it is too stupid for words!!! "Impersonating Jesus Christ" ...
Quote: 7) THE PUNCHING INCIDENT "Some local went up to Scott while he was dancing," says the witness, "and said, 'You should've stuck with Pearl Jam.' So Scott yelled back, 'You wanna disrespect me?' and starts screaming. And the other guy was like, 'You're not a superstar.'" Stapp then punched the other man in the face, giving him a bloody lip and black eye, before the crowd could break them up.
This incident has already been addressed above ... I guess you ran out of things to say!
I agree! He has done quite a lot of good things too!

I'm disappointed in myself for responding to this after I said I wouldn't ... this time I mean it!

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