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Quote: (Originally Posted by FEREZ1) I have come across as rude, and i apologize for it. However may i say that i gave an honest opinion to start with, and no one discussed it, they just attacked me. I want people to discuss it, not to start ranting about how disrespectful i am, just because my post didnt fit the status quo. I am a genuine creed fan and i'm sorry if i didn't say what you all WANTED me to say. Oh well, I LOVE AND ADORE SCOTT STAPP, HE'S TOTALLY INNOCENT...........HE'S GOD!!

Then discuss it. Other than the Chicago incident. Give me instances where the man has acted like an arrogant ass. I want you to give me specific appearances or interviews, etc. Don't just say......"I heard", cause we all know that you don't believe what you "hear". Tell me exactly what behavior has caused you to form the opinion that you felt the needed to post here.

I'm waiting...........................