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Quote: (Originally Posted by marlsy) That's so awsome Jen!! To bad you didn't get his number huh?? Gotta love the bad boys!!!!!
LOL Yeah that thought was going through my head as well. Hell I would of even liked to go backstage. But I know that the crew said they were in a rush to get out of DC because of the storm. It was cool, made me feel good. He was such a little flirt, and I loved every bit of it. He kept putting his foot up on the amp I was holding on to. He was your typical rock star, tatoos, piercings, and that wild look in his eye, and I have a weakness for rock stars no mystery there. I loved the show, it was incredible. The whole concert lasted 3 1/2 hours, it was such an escape for me. I needed it soooooo bad, now back to reality, $3,000 new furnace I need to have put in and too many other headaches. Concerts to me are my "drug" I let go and feel the music. This show just offered me some extra bonus too!
"I don't want to know emptiness, take me down to the water wanna be baptized in your love far away from the lonliness, take my heart and wash away the fear let me be baptized in your love"

~Lenny Kravitz
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