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Oh what a night!

I had the most incredible night last night at the 3DD concert. I saw them in DC at Constitution Hall with Shinedown and Tantric. I had front row seats, literally front row right on the stage. I have NEVER been so close in my life at a show, even closer than Pit seats. It is a small venue and really fancy so it was awesome. Shinedown opened up, they were incredible!!!!!! I was floored as to the voice that the lead singer has. I have had thier CD for awhile now and was really looking forward to seeing them live. After they played I got to go out and meet all of them and got thier autographs, it was cool as hell. They are a bunch of really awesome guys. The Tantric came on, they were amazing as well. I got to touch all of thier hands and got some major eye action from the lead singer. This was the second time I have seen them live and they are INCREDIBLE!!!!! Then 3DD came on. I was so excited I could barely stand it. My seats were about 2 feet from center stage so I had the most incredible view. I got winked at about 20 times from Todd and Matt and got to shake all thier hands as well. But the highlight of the evening was during Duck and Run Todd and Matt were jamming out in front of where I was. I was so close I literally touched Todd's guitar. He was flashing me this HUGE smile and then after his part he reached down grabbed my hand and said "you are beautiful" then handed me a pick!!!!!! I thought I was going to die. He kept smiling and winking at me. The guys next to me work for 3DD and said "I have never seen him do that before that is f**cking awesome" Needless to say I was blushing and smiling from ear to ear. It made my entire night. I had such an incredible time. Got to shake hands with Brad and all the rest of them. They are such a great bunch of "southern boys" I had the time of my life. It was 3 hours were I did not think about anything other than incredible music and smiling men!!!!! I still can't believe how damn close I was. I was toughing the amps, got a pick, got some other things off the stage. Then the kicker of it all, I left from DC (this was literally in front of the Whitehouse) and it took me 3 1/2 hours to get home. We had a winter storm. It was a drive I would never go through again. I could not go faster than 30 miles per hour. Anyone that knows me knows that killed me to drive that slow! LOL But I do have to say IT WAS WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!
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