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I got 1 bad habit.. I like 2 rock 'n roll - Twisted Sister

I saw Dee Snider here in Holland at a radio-appearrence... Countdown-live... must've been 20 years ago


Itís been a cold, cold, cold, cold, cold night tonight
And I canít get you off of my mind
God knows Iíve tried..
Did I throw away the best part of my life
When I cut you off
Did I cut myself with the same damn knife

Hide my tears in the pouring rain
Had my share of hurt and pain
Donít say my name, run away, ícause itís all in vain...

they float like the memories I've opened,
and kiss all the butterflies I've broken,
their wings to the coat of my misfortune,
to reach the plains only I have spoken...

The Path ~by~ ManMade God
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