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Just my thoughts

Hi Everyone... this is my first, and probably last post. I thank you in advance for letting me "vent". I came to this site originally to see if there was any info. on an upcoming DVD release and started reading. What great fans CREED has.

I have not been a CREED fan for all that long. Maybe a year. Scott Stapp's incredible voice and lyrics is what originally drew me in, but it quickly became more than that. Everytime I listen to their music I hear or notice something more. I don't believe CREED is Scott Stapp, Mark Tremonti, or Scott Phillips. It's the essence of all three of them together. CREED has it's own magic. It's much bigger than the individual. Scott Stapp can go solo, Mark Tremonti can start up a new band with Scott Phillips, but I don't believe they will ever duplicate what they have had with CREED. They were very lucky to accomplish this once in their lives. They had just the right combination. Many bands have went their seperate ways in the past (I'm sure you don't need a list) only to regroup. They never found what they had with another band or on their own. The magic or the feeling just wasn't there.

I noticed that Mark's brother monitors this site. I hope that he passes on a message. His fans.... the CREED fans... deserve more than they are getting. The rumors, the inuendos, the politically correct statements from the record company. The men of CREED need to step up together and make an announcement. No gorey details, just "it's over" or "we'll be back". I think they can stand in the same room for that long together. Your fans supported you... it's time to support them and let them know from all of YOU where this is going. Put it to rest. The members of CREED do not need all this hype for their fans to support them. They'll be behind you. You are all incredibly talented and I wish you all the best. We look forward to your new projects... and hope you can fit in some new CREED music in between. God Bless and Good Luck!
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