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New Creed album in danger!!

You see... I've figured this out myself, so it's not official.

Here's what Mark shall be doing under 2004:

-New Creed release
-Doing the band with Flip and Brian
-Put out a solo album

That's the things that are for sure... But watch this! As Mark have said the Submersed album won't be out untill Juni. Mark have also said that the new band with Flip and Brian will put out their album in Augusti. That means that these two band maybe will tour together and make a kick ass show every night. If Mark shall do all this he will totally chrach down! I know that his sounds a little far-fetched 'cause Creed have said that there will be an album and they have not said anything about this tour... But this what's eating me:

Did anyone of you get the latest Wind-up e-news mail? It said "Coming up 2004". And I'm tellin' you! There was every single album that will be out this year, except Creed's. And Mark said at NAMM that Stapp was booted and that he is not writing with him anymore. So there is a chance that this could be right. It's all very far-fetched but the thing I'm worried about is that Wind-up didn't said anything about the new album. Maybe Mark will skip it...
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