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Quote: (Originally Posted by Tremonti_Fed) Just for curiosity, when did Mark, Flip or Brian say they're going to kick butt?

Of all I read, you're taking sides. And you're taking Stapp's side. So I understand you're just jealous about Mark putting a new album along Phillips and Brian.

Now if that's your choice you can't judge those who think different of you.

Everyone here, especially you, says they are gonna kick butt......
I'm not jealous of anyone....I wish them well. Though I can't fathom Marshall.....I get the willies everytime I look at a picture of me the creeps. Oh....and I have listened to HIS band's music....not anything I would be interested in. You were all having fun with your band names......I decided to have some fun with my ideas....maybe you didn't comprehend when I said......."the fun can go both ways"
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