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There's nothing strange. At first I thought that, I admit.

But when Brian left the band, the climate wasn't good. Although Brian is, according to Mark, the best bassist he knows to play with, their relationship was downhill.

Maybe what hurt Brian wasn't the fact he was kicked out by Stapp, by them or due the fact Mark/Flip didn't stand for him at that time... who knows? we don't know the truth... maybe someday we will... but at Jan 16th, 11:30 pm, Brasilia Time, we don't know.

When people first posted at the pit that Brian would join Mark and Flip, his relatives couldn't believe and said it wasn't possible. Later, it was posted that this person never thought Brian could be so forgiving. Brian loves to play with Mark as well.

What went wrong in the past, they settled it. With Stapp, it maybe a bit harder (not because of Stapp, but because of what went wrong), but hopefully they can make peace.

we can't predict things. Who, among us, would say creed was going to break up? we'd call the person a freak or a troll...and laugh at it.

Some people even speculated that after almost a year, Mark was still pissed at Stapp due Chicago... but they put a unique concert a couple days after Chicago...

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