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Quote: (Originally Posted by Tremonti_Fed) yeah... Mark doesn't like to be on the spotlight, being interviewed and speaking... but everytime he wanted to say something, he would interupt Stapp to say his thoughts. And everytime Stapp did agree... believe it or not, Mark is shy...

Now, how much recognition does drummers get? we never hear from them... how many Flip sites are on net? that I'm aware, just Fliponline.

The vocalist is the frontman, dude. Everyband is interviewed, it's always the singer speaking at least 80% of the time.

Could be, but I never got that impression. But beyond that, one has to admit there's something a little strange about Brian joining/being invited to the new "Stappless Creed" band.
I can't find the ryhme in all my reason
Lost sense of time and all seasons
Feel I've been beaten down
By the words of men who have no ground

Can't sleep beneath the trees of wisdom
When your axe has cut the roots that feed them
Forked tongues in bitter mouths
Can drive a man to bleed from inside out

- "What If", Creed
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