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Quote: (Originally Posted by Jooji_2) One of them did carry an ax in the Bullets video...but thats not where I got the idea.

I did have another idea about The Black and Tans......I read somewhere that's Tremonti's fav drink......but no....sounds too much like a dog...but then maybe the Black and Tan Hounds.....

Thanks for clearing up the Shep/Shemp question Teri...I never could remember what that guys name was.

Ya know its really beginning to hurt my feelings...all the people who were havin so much fun before in this thread don't wanna play. Where did they all go....what poking fun isn't fun unless its poking fun at Stapp???????? That's not playin fair

P.S. Thanks Jez....yeah...I'm on a roll....and I may keep rolling... at least until I start going uphill .

I guess I should end the torture....though I was such's my last idea. "We Have No Name and No Singer....But we are sure we are gonna kick butt" I know...its kinda long......and its a pretty confident you think it might make them look like they are arrogant and have huge egos?

I have to admit though, some of you here have proved my point. Just remember the insults and replies that you think are so funny....they can go both ways.
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