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Thoughts of Suicide

"The hopeless world,it burns
The sands of time,they turn
The memories we had, they're all no more
The moments we shared, they're all tourchered

We're the hopeless,we have no where to turn
Body's are dropping everywhere,will we ever learn?
We just never thought it could happen to you
We always thought you knew what was true
I guess we were all wrong
Thats the reason I had to write this song

Just moments ago it happend
And we could feel the world start to beckon
We all felt the world stop turning
As the the chanes of death started burning

Our tears, they fall in the night
They break to peices and shed no light
They scream the words you cannot hear
They are broken into fear

You couldnt try to say
The words that would take away
These thousand tears we've cried
For after all you commited suicide"

I just wrote this a second ago,hope you like it
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Favorite bands,
As I Lay Dying
Demon Hunter
August Burns Red
Becoming The Archetype

Voices are hidden
Giving shame to my name
Am I no better forgiven
If I leave this world the same.
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