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Quote: (Originally Posted by VoveoVoviVotum) Hm, I never knew that. Interesting... what is lucid dreaming, exactly? If you know.

i know there is an article at i believe it about it. if you type in Creed you should get find that quite easily. I've posted it once before! I think he was reading up on it because he was having this recurring dream and used lucid dreaming which is a Hindu technique to stop it and it hasen't happened since to public knowledge. I thought it was a christian based song no doubt, you can see how the misconception has spread like a virus.

I think many of those songs are not about religion at all but are simply using biblical metaphors. One Last Breath I think is heavily related to the subject of suicide espesically amongst the youth. The charecter is leaning near the edge and contemlating going over it and searching for a reason to go on. You could also interpet it as Scott considering leaving the spotlight but I think my first interpretation is more accurate.
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