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Religion in Creed's work

On it clearly states that Creed is not a Christian band. And what I'm doing has probably been done before, many times in fact, but I don't feel like rooting through old posts, so I'll start my own.

I think a lot of Creed's music is Christianity related; in fact, I first got Weathered based on that "rumor," if you will, after a long time as an Atheist...

But to the point:

Torn- For the most part, this is not a religious song. Though the concept of a "soul" is an altogether Christian idea. What do you guys think?

Ode- I wouldn't think so. But again, comment.

My Own Prison- Easily. "I cry out to God." Does any other song mention the Archangel, Gabriel? I love this song, though.

Pity For a Dime- I don't think so, again... but does anyone interpret it differently?

In America- Nah, even though it mentions "soul." A lot of songs do.

Illusion- Doubtful.

Unforgiven- I'd lean towards no, even though "I kept up with the prophecies you spoke" makes me wonder.

Sister- Another no.

What's This Life For- Ding ding ding. Yes. "We all live under the reign of one King." That's such a giveaway.

One- Probably not. I thought maybe it meant "One God" at first, but it's about unity, as you all.. know. Lol, I don't mean to procrastinate... thinking out loud is all.

Are You Ready?- Nope, just another light at the end of the tunnel kind of songs.

What If?- The "rhyme in all my reason" and "trees of wisdom" lines are religion-related. Of course, they make the song interesting, too.

Beautiful- Besides the "coat of colors" remark... nah.

Say I- I'm not sure.

Wrong Way- Possibly based upon people swayed from God... but... again, that's a stretch.

Faceless Man- Obviously... well, to me. Lucifer is often referred to as the "faceless man."

Never Die- Possibly...? Another happy-themed one, I suppose.

With Arms Wide Open- Nope, just an ode to Fatherhood, as we know.

Higher- Yeah. "The place where blind men see." 'The' makes it specific: Heaven.

Wash Away Those Years- I wouldn't think so, again.

Inside Us All- A very Christian relation, as Jesus said, "The Kingdom of Heaven is in the heart of Man," . . . 'there's a peace inside us all.' Comments?

Bullets- Not sure. Though the beginning spoken parts make me question it.

Freedom Fighter- Eh...? It's possible. A freedom fighter often has a religious reason. Think of the Crusades.

Who's Got My Back?- I don't think so, but... the lyrics are still based upon a Christian sort of morality... (I live with 2 atheists, one of them who studies FW Nietzsche, who is famous for having said 'God is Dead')... so I hear about "Christian moralities" all the time.

Signs- Possible, again... even though he says 'This is not about God,' one often thinks of "signs" as something... religion-oriented.

One Last Breath- Yeah. "Somewhere in His grace." I love this one, too. I love just about all of their stuff, now that I think about it...

My Sacrifice- "No" to the lyrics, but... the title makes ya' think, doesn't it? Who's famous for a sacrifice...?

Stand Here With Me- I thought this was a love song at first, but the lyrics seem like they might be about Jesus... what does everyone think?

Weathered- Nah.

Hide- Maybe not, but... "To what do I owe this gift my friend? My life, my love, my soul, I've been dancing with the devil way too long..." "...What'cha gonna' go with your gift, dear child?" Who's the child? Makes me think of Jesus, again.

Don't Stop Dancing- I doubt it.

Lullaby- For his offspring, as it's been said.

What do you guys think of all this? And these are just my developing opinions, I'm new to Creed, so don't yell at me... please
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