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Quote: (Originally Posted by addicted2stapp) And he ONLY got weekends in jail for a year? How PATHETIC is that, I think assholes who do things like that and worse deserve to die in jail, I can't believe that's the only sentence he got.

I know, but you have to remember I am now 37, this was along time ago.....if it happened in this day and age he would of gotten alot worse!!! Some people actually think he got off somehow because his family owned a big business in the area and have money. If he would of pleaded not guilty he would of been charged with 2 felony charges of kidnapping, sexual assault. He only got a misdomenor (sp?) if he pleaded guilty, something was off!! Anyway, yeah that was an experience!! I would love to meet up with him in an alley somewhere now!! I always wondered if our paths would cross ever, he lived in the same area as me. I still remember his name Rick Girton.
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