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ok, I think I told my story before along time ago, here it goes again......

When I was 14 I went with a friend (14) and her boyfriend (20) yeah yeah I know, wayyy to old..... we went to a place by us that was called Lost Lake. It will nestled in the middle of some hills that you actually had to hike too. It was closed to the public and we went there anyway to spend the day laying out and swimming. So that is what we did. My friends boyfriend Ronnie met a man there who spent part of the day talking with us. He was 31, married, talked about his daughter and seemed like a nice adult. He was a very good looking man also, not grungy or perverted looking or anything. He actually looked like a nice clean cut business man. ( Looking back I can see it was strange that grown man was hanging out where noone was with kids, but at the time I was 14 and didn't think anything of it.) So anyway, it was getting late so we decided to go, we hiked out to where we parked the car and he was with us still leaving also. We got to our car and noticed the car had a flat tire. The rim was bent from us going in the place that was extremley rocky. So Ronnie needed to go to a gas station to get a new wheel. The man Rick was not far away by his van and saw we needed help so he came over and offered us a ride to the gas station. At the same time my friend and I realized we left something back at the lake and wanted to go and get it. The man Rick took Ronnie to the gas station and we were just going to wait by the car when we got back from getting what we forgot.

On the way back to the car we notice the guy Rick is there without Ronnie. We ask him whats up and he said it's getting late and he was worried about us being here when it's getting dark so he thought he would come and get us and take us to where Ronnie is getting the tire fixed. We said OK, didn't think anything about it.........

Soooo we got in his VAN and it was a really old van at that. It had three seats in the front. I sat in the seat right next to him and my friend was by the window. So we go down the street and he gets on the FREEWAY and at the same time takes his "thing" out of his shorts and starts playing with it. My friend asks him where is Ronnie, he said oh the gasstation by the freeway onramp was closed so we went up here a ways. So i'm sitting there FREAKING out at what he is doing, I am elbowing my friend in the ribs and she just looks at me like I KNOW!! So we pass an offramp and my friend asks him is that where Ronnie is at?? He said, " No, we passed Ronnie along time ago. " I then asked him well then where are we going?? He said we are gonna keep going until you give me head..... My friend said, well we have to run out of gas sometime. and he said, " I have enough gas to get to where I'm going." So now we realize he is taking us somewhere and is probably going to rape us and then who knows what.

So here we are going down the freeway with this man playing with himself and then he starts grabbing me on my chest, my legs and so on, I'm fighting h im off with everything I am. We are going allll over the freeway swerving everywhere and no cops around when you need them of course. I thought forsure we were going to get into an accident, but we don't. Then he takes ahold of my wrist and tries to take it to his "thing" Well I was fighting and freaking and yelling at my friend to help me, remember, this is an old old van, so my friend all of a sudden take the keys out of the ignition and throws them out the window!! ( You can only do that in older cars if they are running) When that happened I saw evil in his eyes that was so scarey. He back hand punched her in the mouth, grabbed hold of her leg and sqeezed it really really hard and broke blood vessles. The van is slowing down and we are fighting him off as he is going after my friend as much as he can and still steer the van. I yell at my friend to jump and she opens the van door and jumps while it's still going and then I go and he grabs for me and misses. We RUN down a freeway enbankment through brush and all and RUN our asses off to the gas station we see ahead of us not looking back to see where he was, we were so scared he was coming after us. We got to the gasstation and locked ourselves in the bathroom and hold eachother and cry our eyes out. Someone from the gasstation hears us and bangs on the door and we tell him to call the police. So he did and we told them what happened and they actually knew who we where because in the mean time Ronnie hitchhikes back to the car and sees we are not there and realizes something happened and called the police, so my mom and my friends mom knew we where missing for a short period of time. Imagine the hell they went through.
We spent hours at the police station giving our description of him with an artist, telling what happened and so on. The police have his van so they find out where he lives and go to his front door and his wife answers!!! They arrest him. We went to court and I walk in the court room to see him sitting there with his wife and she has her arm around him!!!!! He got to tell his side of the story that day and made it sound as if we were going to do something with him as if it was consentual. He then pleaded guilty and we had to wait for his sentencing. We never got to tell what happened to the court since he pleaded guilty. He got weekends in jail for a year, had to go to AA and a shrink. Big deal, if we didn't get away we might be dead.

The police were so impressed with my friend grabbing the keys, she told them she actually saw that on Adam 12!! Can you believe that?? Adam 12 may have just saved our lives!! The police got a kick out of that. They also said we should not of been there at the lake for they always find bodies there, but they can see why we went with him in the van and most people would of.

I think God was with us that day, all I did from the time it started was pray my lil heart out!! I was so terrified you can't imagine, thank god for my friend or I might not be here.

As a kid I used to actually have reoccuring dreams that I was kidnapped with a friend and we were killed everytime by suffocation. I thank God my dreams only came half the way true!!!! So thats my story!!!!!
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