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Quote: (Originally Posted by marlsy) I was kidnapped when I was 14, got away and lived to tell about it!!

Are you serious???

Couple years ago when Pokemon was the thing we bought an impossible to find Pokemon game boy game over yahoo auctions for my son - it was the only big present he was getting - it never came - turns out the seller was a teenager who pretended to have like 100 of them or something and frauded all these people into buying them. Big law enforcement deal because of multistate involvement and stuff - kinda wild. My husband was livid and my son got screwed on xmas day - of course we made up for it but at the time it seemed like such a big deal to us
I am so StappHappy!
The comfort of your arms around me
Your tender hands upon my head
I laid beside you I'm not worthy
This jaded man's not who I am
I touched the flame and I've been burned
All I need's a second chance
Give me eyes of a child
And teach this man to relearn love

When shadows paint the scenes where spotlights used to fall...I will be there for you Scottie
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