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Quote: Originally posted by TeriB19
***I am digressing from the concept of this thread for a minute to apologize to a good friend whom I believe I have possibly insulted. This afternoon, Mary was on at the same time as I was, and when I saw her post Twotiming, Backstabbing automatically came to mind. I posted backstabbing with hi Mary in parenthesis just to say hello to her without PM'ing. Just to say hi and acknowledge that she and I were online at the same time, which almost never happens. Please, if anyone thought that I was saying that Mary is backstabbing, please let me clarify that by saying NO, SHE IS NOT, she is one sweet lady who had the misfortune of having a friend stick her size 7.5 in her mouth and then log off soon after without having the opportunity to see what a dope she was for posting that stupid thing. Please accept my apologies Mary and anyone else who thought I was directing a nasty comment at a good friend.***

We will now return you to your regularly scheduled thread.....
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