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Is it me? or do some of us seem to be divided between Mark and Scott.

Is it just me, or does it seem that like many of the people are specificly Tremonti fans, and others are specificly Stapp fans? To me, that just seems wrong, I mean, they all make up Creed. Y'know, if it was just Mark, without Scott and Flip, it wouldn't be as great. Same with if it was vise versa. If Scott was out in the world by himself without Mark and Flip, he wouldn't be as well. And same with Flip, if there were no Mark and Scott, Flip wouldn't be a far as he is now either. Now, if all the guys went off and did other things, like they pretty much are doing now we think, then they are going to be awesome. They are so talented, I think they can get pretty much do anything they want to do. But when these three talents come together, it is just amazing, like there is no way that any man alone can do anything as great as CREED. These guys' talent's just kinda equal out to one of the greatest things. I can understand that Mark probably drew a lot of us to Creed, and Scott probably drew some of us, and Flip probably brought some of us to CREED also. But do we have to be so divided about who we might think is the better member in the band? These are my opinions, but please share yours. I'm not meaning to offend anyone if I do, I'm sorry. That isn't my intintion, it is to figure out why some of us have become so divided like. Maybe I am only thinking I notice this, and maybe others have also. I don't know, but I'll find out. Just let me know if you guys have or haven't noticed this. Thanks
Please notice that not everyone is that way, I have just noticed some certian posts that are like anti Mark or anti Scott. I'm sure these certian people don't mean it as if they hate Scott or vise versa with Mark, but I don't like it. Like I say earlier, my opinions, no offence meant.
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