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Re: Other points of contact!

Quote: (Originally Posted by Redeemer) Yeah, so... since I seem to pop my head in here more often than one would expect, and since I also don't seem to be the only one, I thought I'd make a thread for other places where us oldheads can be found.
After all, the world has moved on, and the Internet's moved on with it, and we've all probably established more concrete online identities elsewhere. I'm a sharer, so I'm willing to share mine, if anyone wants to make a new friend from an old board ~

facebook | tumblr | instagram: @foundcarcosa

(P.S. Thanks, Steve, for keeping this place alive. It's the only place still left from my teenage years! Where else can I go to find an archive of how ridiculous I was? )

How are you??? And I agree, thanks to Steve for still having this place. This was my first official board I joined back in the day. And it remains the most civil of them all.

I pop in here, too, once in a while just to see what's up. And I still listen to My Own Prison and Human Clay regularly, along with loads of other music. Music remains my drug of choice.
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