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Tweak Your Focus

We often look at the things in life we don't like.
We look at them and then live in defiance of our dislikes.
We talk about them.
We point at them.
We post signs that says we are against this, and against that.

The result of this way of thinking is a direct manifestation of
the very thing we fought AGAINST.

Why? Because the subcon. mind does not know the difference between
LIKE and DISLIKE, it only sees the consistent images we present to it. If we consistently focus on that that we HATE or DISLIKE or are AGAINST. The mind says ...your wish is my command, MASTER (KING, QUEEN of YOUR small piece of paradise).

In order to be SURROUNDED by things we love, we must consistently focus on things we are for. Things we LOVE, LIKE and PROMOTE. Magic happens within 30 days of changing our mind set.

Christ taught this concept, nobody understood it, not even the disciples, except for one, and until hasn't been TIME for the truth to be revealed. I love it when I see a glimpse of this hit a person and then it flits away like they could not hold on to the concept.

I have to remind myself of this truth many times, We are so forgetful.

If God gave you a piece of paradise, what would it look like?

Good Day!
"All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream." ~Edgar Allan Poe

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