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Steve 05-13-2005 11:37 PM

Bored? Check This Site Out...
Hey guys and gals, if you're bored and want something to do check out this website:

Six Questions

Basically you sign up for an account which is free and then you wager points in trivia games. When you accumulate enough points you can win prizes. Most of the prizes "cost" like 1 million points but the site is still fun. I really don't go to the site for the points and prizes but just to take quizzes and play some games.

The site also has free offers you can participate in, and if you complete the offers you get lots of points. These are just optional though and you are not required to do any of that.

If you are bored, be sure and check the site out! Six Questions

Higher_Desire 05-14-2005 03:23 PM

Kind fun. Thanks for the link. I did some of the trivia, and it gave me points, then it took them away. :( WTH?

H-D :pimp:

Steve 05-14-2005 10:48 PM


People you shoud sign up :D

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