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creed_angel_13 03-25-2005 11:32 PM

Need help finding CreedQuest Info
Hello fellow fans...
I need some help finding some info, and I'm hoping someone out there is just as big a fan as i am (borderline obsessed!!). ANyway, here's my problem: Some of you out there may remember this little game, or scavenger hunt, called CREEDQUEST. I know, it was just this teeny little website that hardly anyone noticed ;) LOL.
But I, being the huge fan (and geek) that I am, saved a list full of ALL the questions and answers, and links to pictures from the Quest. This was one of my most prized possessions ;) but recently I moved, and cannot find this list. I am wondering if anyone out there kept a list too, and would be willing to email me a copy- I just ransacked my whole place looking for the dang thing, and am now sitting in what looks like a landfill, languishing over my lost list! (say that six times fast!)

PLEASE, won't someone HELP me? I would forever be your adoring friend!
reply to my post for my email if you can help!!!
lots of love and dreams of CREED
I'm just a girl.....

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