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creedsister 01-02-2005 01:11 PM

Hands Of Love
Love is in your hands healing only comes from your holy hands and yours alone love is in your hands I Have Slipped Through Mine Own Like A Grade Of Sand And We Will Everytime Time And Time Again Where Would Be With Out The Master The Love From Those Holy Hands Who Loves And Feeds Love Is Your Hands If I Searched And Searched Through Out The Lands For A Greater Love I Would Be Empty And Starved To Death With Out Just one Crumb Straight From The Master Hands Who Knoweth Of All My Needs Yes Im Hearing Your Lines And They Sound So Well But Your Not MY MASTER HANDS You Can Pour Your All Your Love Down On Me And Give It Your All It Would Never Ever Ever Ever Be Enough For Me As Just Crumb From My Masters Hands Love You All, Be Of Good Journeys Through Out Your Days But I Look Another A Way Im Sorry I Let You Go Let You Go I Will Not Serve Noir Shall I Be Flattered Noir Shall I Be Moved Id Just Rather Be Left Alone Noir Shall You Ever Shake Me Noir Brake Me Noir Make Me Your Something To See And Hey You Have Done A Lot More Than I I Will Have To Be The First On The Line To Say But Just One Second With Him And In His Truth And Glory IS Worth More Than All You Have And All You Have Given I See Through You All Power And Glory You Seek For Your Selves I Cant Help What I See When Your Cheap As Glass To Read Through You Will Never Be Thine Hands Of Love Where Be Your Proof Of Undying Love, Matt.6.24 No Man Can Serve Two Masters For Either He Will Hate The One And Love The Other Or Else He Will Hold Hold To The One Ye Cannot Serve GOD And Mammon :jam:

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