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krzycreedbabe 12-27-2002 01:49 AM

Audioslave ROCKS!! i was awatchin em live on broadway today on some mtv channel...mighta been mtv2 idk...but yea the Chevelle cd also ROCKS .. i was THIS CLOSE (very close) to buyin it a cpl weeks ago when i was at the mall but well...i didnt have any money lol

hayley 12-27-2002 02:28 AM

LOL yeah audio slave rocks

:band: "GO ON AND SAVE YOURSELF, AND TAKE IT OUT ON MEEEEE!!!" i love that song:band: :jam: and an awesome video, but the only thing i don't like about it is that it is dark and you can't see there faces cauze they are covered up by shadows:crying:

Dogstar 12-27-2002 02:57 AM

LOL, I haven't seen the video for Cochise yet. I have to download them all off winmx because I don't have cable, so no MTV...That song is really great, but there are even better ones on the CD. Shadow of the Sun, What You Are, Like a Stone, Set It Off...the whole CD rocks. Lately I have been listening to it every day.

Amish Warlord 12-27-2002 03:05 AM

Tool - Lateralus.. and i'm listening to "Reflection".

creedfan47a 12-27-2002 06:52 AM

Madonna - Ray of Light (I can't get enough of Nothing Really Matters)
Live - The Distance to Here

and until today:

Savage Garden - Savage Garden (I decided it was too tragic so I had to take it out)

hide_tremonti 12-27-2002 09:57 AM


Originally posted by Amish Warlord
<b>Tool - Lateralus.. and i'm listening to "Reflection". </b>

Me too, James...same song as well....I love "Reflection".

souldancer 12-27-2002 12:16 PM

Steve Winwood...."Roll with It"

Dogstar 12-27-2002 01:26 PM


Originally posted by Amish Warlord
<b>Tool - Lateralus.. and i'm listening to "Reflection". </b>

I'm still waiting for Lateralus to arrive in the mail. Can't wait.

Today's lineup:
Creed -- MOP
Jerry Cantrell -- Degradation Trip Vols. 1&2
Audioslave -- Audioslave
Live -- Throwing Copper

Lady Valkyrie 12-27-2002 03:37 PM

Korn Untouchables

TeriB19 12-27-2002 05:44 PM

Duran Duran - The Wedding Album

(yes, really, I'm feeling like some funk today)

SJack5802 12-27-2002 06:04 PM

Dumb Ditties

hayley 12-27-2002 06:53 PM


Originally posted by Lady Valkyrie
Korn Untouchables

:puke: :throwup: :vomit: :crying:

Dogstar 12-27-2002 09:41 PM

Neil Young -- After the Gold Rush

TeriB19 12-27-2002 10:30 PM

Creed - Human Clay

DangerousDan85 12-27-2002 11:52 PM

the big tymers (I be is dancing gangsta style)

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