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creedsister 11-04-2004 11:01 PM

Still Within The Sound Of Your Voice
All Alone All Alone, In A World Where We Are Not Heared Shuve Us In A Darkness In The Cold In The Cold Left Alone With Not Even A Hand To Hold So Cold So Cold Not One Word Of Warmth To Bring Comforted To Our Sheltered Graves Have We All Just Really Gone Estray Or Have We All Just Been Forgotten In A World Of Stone Somehow We Know Staying In Your Shadows Just Wating To Hear From You At That We Know WE Are All Within The Sound Of Your Voice The Sound Of Your Voice You Hears When We Are Calling We Are Still Within The Sound Of Your Voice We All Make It Through Somehow By Your Your Body You Know Us All By Name Knowing Why Knowing You Came And Gave The Hopeless A Life Line And Stood The Taste Time Our Brother Our Father Our King The Morning Star We Bleed With You As You Bled With Us And Praise You Jesus As You Sing Oure Forgotten Song Coming Back To Still This Very Day To Still Save That Which Was Lost You Hear Us When We Are Calling We Our Still Within The Sound Of Your Voice Protecting Us From All Harm As We Eat From Your Humbled Blood Stained Nail Driven Hands As It Took Us This Long To Know We Cryed Your Tears As You Cryed Ours Before All Time Still Within The Sound Of Your Voice We Bleed Your Blood As You First Bled Ours Christ King And Whashed Us Clean Over And Over Again The Precious ERASER What Would We Do Without Out Your Breath Sorry We Hurt You Friend The Big Brother The Only Truth And The Only Friend We Had We Have No Choice But To Hear You When We Cry Still Within The Sound Of Your Voice Sing To Us Read To Us Oh Lord Christ King Still Within The Sound Of Your Voice Oh Btw Mrseeker Thanks Kev For InspiringThis One :)

Ann Allusion 11-05-2004 09:54 AM are right, CS...we are all in the sound of His voice...all we have to do is listen...another good one...:rockon:

creedsister 11-05-2004 11:44 AM


HR2004 11-08-2004 02:34 PM

that was good!

creedsister 11-08-2004 08:58 PM

Glad u like :jam:

creedsister 11-08-2004 09:29 PM

Fire....Still Holding
Fire Fires At Will Nothing Seems To Get Near It Or Come Against Its Power Or It Does Get Burned Fire Subsides In Me This Fire Wont Dye It Will Burn And Burn And Burn As The Sword Is Rasied High Above My Head It Wont Stop Untill It Burns Through All Chains And All Obsticles Charged With Legions Of Angels DYE DEVIL DYE DYE DEVIL DYE Stronger This Tourch Has Become You See You Get Near It And Will You Dye Touch,em Not Again And Again It Should Be Clear Now You Dont Know How Why Do You Play With Me Dye Devil Dye My Fire Really Does BURN Now Dosent It If The Fire Shall Dye Not A Chance There Anyway Im Born Of It And I Re~Birthed You With My Fire Its Not Magic Asked It No Question Its Not For You To Fear It Works For You Fire As It Burns And Burns And Burns Its Never Have Noir Never Well Lost A Battle Show Me Proof Of Where And When This Fire Has Ever Forsaken Its Anointed The Same Fire That Said Let My People Go As The Sword Is Rasied High The Same Fire Wont Dye Its What Held Me When My World Was Coming Down On My Head And Then Some Hold On To This Fire Let Burn Let It Burn It Can Pick Me Up And Take Me A Way Its Bolder Than Me I Submit To This Fire And Oh Yes Im Impressed But Is it As STRONG As Is Mercy And Love And The Crying And Whimper Of Doves I Know You Well The Fire Holds And Keeps Us Like Iron But Now I Know Thank You For The Fire Now I Know Love And In times Of Weakness With No Hope And Only Finding The Sound Of Tears Of Agoney To Cope :) Was Our Only Hope So I Write And Say When A Fire Meets With An Ocean All Prayers Are Indeed Anwsered I Raise The Sword Above On Which I Fell Water Fire Wind Blood I Hear You In The Wind I Hear You Call Me Lord Hear Iam Still Holding Still Holding

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