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The Lithium 10-13-2004 02:38 PM

Metal Edge Nov Issue - Alter Bridge
I picked the magazine up today in a shop here in Sweden called "Press-stop". They import ALL kind of different magazines. Great, just great!! Alter Bridge is on the cover of Metal Edge's Nov issue, 6 full pages only about them, and pretty much focus on on Metallica as well. 8 full pages!! But I've only read the AB part yet.

There's a bridge in Detroit - a proverbial "iron curtain," if you will - that separates quaint, upper-middle class residentail neighborhoos from the sordid reality of urban decay. It's a line that's been etched in psyche of those who live in the area, one side representative of money and the moral rightousness that comes with it, and the other a modern day wild est, where laws of the street are the only laws that matter. Ib ibe sudem houses cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. On the other side, they cost hundreds of dollars. Where the children on one side combat fears that many of us could never imagine, parents on the other side instill fear in their children with one simple rule - "Never cross Alter Bridge."

It's really good, and Brian says some interesting stuff about his relationship to Stapp. I quote:


Originally Posted by Brian Marshall - Metal Edge Nov/2004 Issue
Metal Edge: What was between you, (Brian), and Scott?
Brian: Stapp and I had a long history of butting heads and battling with each other...
Flip: All the way back to when you guys were roommates
Brian: Yeah, back in Tallahassee... I was the one that saw through his shit, and didn't put up with it. It got to a point where I was just like; "Fuck you!" And he laid down the gautlet--"It's either him or me that's got to go..." And the band had to make decision. Honestly, the reason why I left was
because of Stapp, and it felt really good they never did replace me. Then, when they called me, that really said a lot to me about their characters, and even said something to me about my character - It wasn't that they didn't like me.
Mark: Yeah, when I first called him I kind of though he'd throw some shit at me for everything that went down, but he was totally cool with it all, it's like it never happened.

-Pick it up!

Higher_Desire 10-13-2004 10:25 PM

Yeah. I got this mag a while back when it came out here in the states. It's a farily good article. I also like that (who are still being referred to as "the Creed guys") have finally made it into ME's self-proclaimed "Hardest Rock Magazine Ever."

H-D :pimp:

The Lithium 10-14-2004 07:17 AM

Yeah man, the article rocks!! :rockon:

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