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Steve 09-14-2004 11:12 PM

09/25/2004 - Cleveland, OH - The Odeon
Went to this show? Post your review...

Gia Coloratura 09-28-2004 04:31 PM


Originally Posted by Steve
Went to this show? Post your review...

Man, I can't believe no one else has posted on this show yet. What a night, getting to see my favorite artists at a show so small it might as well been my own private garage concert with just a few hundred of my closest friends!

AB was awesome, no surprise there. Myles sang perfectly on pitch, was great with the crowd. Mark was unbelieveable in this small venue. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see my most admired musician up close and personal like this. Brian & Flip were solid as usual. I was really impressed with Submersed too. I don't know what the heck Clear Channel was doing when they picked the openers, a band called Solo Flyer. They were a total mismatch for this concert.

After the show, we hung around til about 1:00 or so and got to meet the band, all except Scott Phillips. Pics, autographs, heck Tremonti even accidentally wrote on my arm with a sharpie, lol. They really took their time with the 30 or so people who managed to hang around that late after standing all night, we were on our feet from 6:00-1:00 and then some.

I'll post my pics when I get a few.

What a night, what a show. By far the best rock concert of my life. I hope AB stays in the smaller concert facilities as long as they can, I've been to 5 Creed shows before and this show ROCKED DOWN THE HOUSE!

Thanks, guys :)

The Lithium 09-28-2004 04:36 PM

Yay, post the pics, post the pics!! :D

Cool you got to meet them, so did I when I saw 'em in London. But I got to meet Flip as well!! :D And I saw their soundcheck!

Dogstar 09-28-2004 09:32 PM

Gia, great review. Thanks for sharing, and welcome to the board! Btw, did they play any covers? Just wondering, thanks :D.

Gia Coloratura 09-28-2004 10:28 PM

Cleveland September 25

Originally Posted by Dogstar
Gia, great review. Thanks for sharing, and welcome to the board! Btw, did they play any covers? Just wondering, thanks :D.

Hey thanks! I used to be active on the Creed BB back in the day, it's kind of cool to post here now.

Yes they sure did play a cover during their encore, but as to what they played; well, I can't give away all their secrets ;)

Here are some pics on a real quick generic web page. Just a few from inside the concert turned out because I didn't want my flash going off like crazy.

Click here

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