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Rulesdontapply 07-02-2004 11:01 PM

My room
I woke up in a dream today
Waken by the sun and its embrace
Feeling its soft warmth brush my face
Lighting the room so warm but so frozen
Coating a still frame of nothing broken
Stillness and silence lit in gold
Only disturbed by the shuffle of my feet on the floor
Quietly making my way to the door
A door Iv spotted a little out of place in this room
Somehow seeming shaded in gloom
Making my way wrapped in the warmth and the stillness
Bare feet still waking from rest
Guided by heavy eyes still thick with sleep
Leading me to the door to see what it hides
Left hand alone at my side
Watching my right hand slide to the door
And quickly sliding back at the shock of the cold
Feeling so heavy and almost hypnotizing
But somehow finding it so very mesmerizing
It was like the feel of something that’s somehow new
When you know you don’t want it but somehow you do
Unwillingly sliding back to try again
A sting from the cold and a slow turn
Quickly sliding open and my eyes now burn
I’m greeted with dry wind from the other side
And what I see compels me so strongly to hide
It’s nothing like this room
All I see is pain and everything it consumes
And its all barely visible through the haze and dust
All of witch is stirred by broken trust
Some made to mud by depressed heavy rain
And it seems to try and quench the fires
But it must try in vein
For they all burn brightly in the dark
Casting shadows of the demons that live in these parts
Some screaming for the life they once had
Or crying out in screams of how things got so bad
And the screams seem to wake me from my shock
Pulling myself back through the door again
Hands frantic to try and find the lock
But I slip to the floor and painfully realize
There’s no lock for this door
It must be the compromise
The one for staying in this room
It can open and close and both sides are real
Both of them with you and they both make you feel
So I do what I can only do
I stand back up
And ill enjoy my time in this room
And when I’m there ill fight through the gloom
I’m one thing that it wont consume
But a thought that’s not for now
Not while I’m hear
While I’m here in my room

creedsister 07-02-2004 11:23 PM

That Was Real!!!!!!!
Im left speachless AND IT SEEMS TO TRY AND QUNICH THE FIRES BUT IT MUST TRY IN VEIGN!!!! Hey everyline rocked It blessed me to read it, KILLER Peace, what a room,

HR2004 07-03-2004 05:38 PM

oh my gosh you have some real talent that was so good i loved every word wow i wish i could write as good as you so a simple bow to you wow great perfect good good like it loved it more that was the best! :)

Rulesdontapply 07-03-2004 06:46 PM

thanks, im so glad u guys liked it :)

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