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Higher_Desire 07-02-2004 09:30 PM

One Day Remains Album Cover REVEALED!
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It's available if you're a member of the AB E-Street Team. That's the ONLY place it's available. Until now.

Check out the cover here thanks to H-D!

Shadow 07-02-2004 10:01 PM

Thanks for the picture Colin. :)

I've been so behind with keeping up to date with what's going on with AB. I found a video tape of Creed that I lost over two years ago. It made me sad all over again watching the Making the Video and Opening Night Live.

Seeing the album cover put me back into reality - just over a month now before the CD comes out!

cariocawlad 07-03-2004 01:07 AM

Amazing art. Look like an old paint. Great work. The way that the title apears is really creative. I really enjoy it. I'm wonder if Daniel Tremonti is behind this amazing work...I think yes.

Sheila63 07-03-2004 08:35 AM

Thanks for sharing it with us, Colin. :)

I really like it. I can't believe it's only about a month away until it's released!

JenRN 07-03-2004 03:43 PM

Looks cool, and can't wait to hear the music!!!!! :D

I'mRational 07-05-2004 11:02 AM

That is a great album cover.

Agent D 07-05-2004 03:23 PM

It kicks ass.

RMadd 07-05-2004 11:52 PM

that's pretty sweet, sure as hell better than Weathered.

Dogstar 07-05-2004 11:58 PM

Yep, agreed...I think it's cool.

revisfoot 07-06-2004 12:07 AM

Am I the only one not overly impressed with it?

I don't know...

I think one of the coolest album covers I've seen in a while was for Fuel's Natural Selection. But, hey, that's me.

creedsister 07-06-2004 12:07 AM


Originally Posted by BearFan
that's pretty sweet, sure as hell better than Weathered.

It Was cool I Love Bridges And Tunnels BUT WEATHERED KICKED ASS!!!!!! Fire Trees Ropes It Kicked Ass hehe FIRE

hayley 07-07-2004 02:27 AM

The Weathered cover is the best cover I have ever seen, the art is amazing.

Thats a pretty cool cover, but I have to admitt I did expect a little more. It's awesome though, looks really nice.

aussiecreeder 07-07-2004 07:18 AM

i really like the cover of one day remains. weathered was the worst of the creed covers and took some getting used to. its grown on me however and i now appreciate it. the human clay front cover would be my favourite.

Jooji_2 07-07-2004 06:26 PM

My fave was actually My Own Prison......

I'm not overly impressed with the Alterbridge one.....don't know exactly what it just looks more like a book illustration to me than a CD cover. Not that I would have any better idea for what it should look like...though.

I kinda prefer photography over other kinds of illustration for CD covers. :D

Bridge of Clay 07-07-2004 10:04 PM

You dunno what it is??? c'mon...

that's the actual Alter Bridge in Detroit. Dan worked the art on the real picture ("photoshoped" it!).

I like it better than the others. The effects on it, if you get the high resolution pic, make it look "Van Goghish". Really beatiful indeed.

But Human Clay is still my fav! :)

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