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Rulesdontapply 05-30-2004 01:15 AM

I hate to love
kinda somethin im goin thru so any advice would be welcomed. hope u like it

I hurt again tonight
I think i need someone to love
but that cant be right
Becasue love causes the pain
And it leaves my heart in the dirt
So i think this is my last time
let it rot in the red earth
And with it my hurt

I cant escape this
I cant embrace this
it loves me
and it hates me
and because it loves me
I bleed
and its my tornequit
it stops the blood
but it will tare and i will bleed
becasue its what i seem to need
and i hate it
and it hates me
so it gives me love

If i was smart i would leave
but its beauty deseives
and again i will bleed
And cry because im a fool
no sanity remains in me
common sense spits in my face
and leaves me with no trace
but i cant hate those things
because i hate me
and it hates me
so we will love each other

HR2004 06-07-2004 07:28 PM

advice (kinda)
why are you scared to love if i knew more about it i could help you but i dont know why you are so email me and i'll try to help you by the way great poem i loved it alot!! :)

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