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JulieCitySlicker 02-05-2004 08:42 PM

Happy Birthday Marcos!
I hope you have a great birthday!!! :balloons: :thewave: :banana: :party2: :hugs:

Dogstar 02-05-2004 08:55 PM

Happy Birthday, Marcos!!!!! Have a most excellent day!

:dancing: :bounce: :bounce: :party:

Sheila63 02-05-2004 09:01 PM

Happy Birthday Marcos!!!

I hope you have a Great Day!!!


:balloons: :syncdance :party2: :tremonti:

WeatheredWoman 02-05-2004 09:01 PM

Wishing you a rockin' day Marcos!



whitebird 02-05-2004 10:09 PM

Have A Great Birthday!!! :D :D :D :D :D :banana: :banana: :banana:

PaulMcCoygirl 02-05-2004 10:22 PM

Have a great birthday!

DangerousDan85 02-06-2004 01:24 AM

who's Marcos?

TeriB19 02-06-2004 01:47 AM

Happy Birthday Marcos. Have a fantastic birthday and may all your wishes come true!!
:hugs: :thewave:

Higher_Desire 02-06-2004 02:20 AM

:party2: Congrats Birthday Boy! :fart:

H-D :moon:

hayley 02-06-2004 02:42 AM

Happy Birthday Marcos, hope you have a fantastic day :cheers: :jam: :dancing: :banana:

hotforscott 02-06-2004 07:32 AM

Happy Birthday, Marcos!

Amelia 02-06-2004 01:20 PM

Happy Birthday Marcos!!! :baaa:

SCOTTSMYMAN 02-06-2004 04:15 PM


:cheers: :balloons: :party: :party2: :thewave: :wiggle:

Hope you have a great day!

Bridge of Clay 02-06-2004 05:55 PM

Happy B-day, Marcos! I hope you have a blast!!! God bless you!!! :party2:

Bridge of Clay 02-06-2004 05:57 PM

awww, thank you very much girls and guys! Rock on!!!


Colin: if you fart at my party again you won't get any piece of the cake! And I mean it! ;) lol! j/k

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