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Higher_Desire 12-15-2003 09:40 PM

What's your favorite Christmas Special?
There's so many out there... They're on every year... They never change... We all watch them... What's your favorite?

H-D :xmas:

facelessman 12-15-2003 10:06 PM

i voted peanuts! :banana:

TeriB19 12-15-2003 10:12 PM

I voted Peanuts as well, but I do love Ralphie and his bb gun. Deck the harrs with bows of horry, Fa Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra. Tis the season to be jorry..... :D

JenRN 12-15-2003 11:45 PM

I love Ralphie, but I do have to admit I LOVE Christmas vacation with Chevy Chase, that thing makes me laugh my ass off, something I need so badly!

DangerousDan85 12-16-2003 12:55 AM

the Barry Manilow Christmas Special

RMadd 12-16-2003 01:23 AM

Garfield, Frosty, Peanuts, and Rudolph are very good, but my vote goes to A Christmas Story... absofuckinglutely hilarious

SCOTTSMYMAN 12-16-2003 10:31 AM

I picked A Christmas Carol. It's a classic and I really love it. Especially the newer version with Patrick Stewart! I watched it the other day! The one you forgot was 'The Year Without A Sanat Claus" I LOVE that one. That's the one with the Heat Meiser!

"I'm just the Heat Meiser I'm Mr. Sun, He's just the Heat Meiser, He's Mr. 101!"
I love that!

WeatheredWoman 12-16-2003 10:35 AM

Voted for Garfield!! Just because...

But if you'd ask what I really really really really really really would like 2 see??

A Creed Xmas-special of course...

marlsy 12-16-2003 10:44 AM

I voted other because my fav is It's A Wonderful Life!!! I love it and watch it everyyear!!!!

Mulletman 12-16-2003 01:25 PM

Good grief charlie brown....

SCTMM's hubby 12-16-2003 01:44 PM

I voted for other because my fav's are all of the (stop animation) rudolf ones, And how the grinch stole x-mas(dr suess)

Dogstar 12-16-2003 02:23 PM

A Christmas Story is my favorite, but other ones I enjoy are the Charlie Brown Christmas, The Grinch, It's a Wonderful Life, and A Christmas Carol.

JulieCitySlicker 12-16-2003 02:32 PM

I love Garfields Christmas :D Especially the part where they have the Christmas tree all done and then go to light it up, and they are all like "Whoo" and their lips stuck out like they just got socked in the mouth :p :) Its pretty funny!

GoodGodGirl23 12-16-2003 02:37 PM

:) Marlsy, you beat me toit! Mine is *It's A Wonderful Life* also, I have the movie also!! :D :D

luvscott4ever 12-16-2003 03:15 PM

I can't pick just one!! :( But my two all time favs are Rudolph and The Grinch!! I even bought the bobble heads last year!! I also LOVE Christmas Vacation, what a hoot that movie is, especially the scene with Chevy going down the hill on the sled!! Cracks me up, every time!!!! :laugh: :roll: :frosty:

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