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Sheila63 09-08-2003 08:58 PM


Originally posted by JenRN
nervous.......about surgery tomarrow:(

You'll be in my thoughts and prayers, Jen.:hugs: (((((Jen))))).

:yikes: Julie, I'm sorry to hear that.

I feel wired.

hayley 09-08-2003 09:39 PM


SCOTTSMYMAN 09-08-2003 10:18 PM

:goodnight: tired

GoodGodGirl23 09-09-2003 04:13 PM


JulieCitySlicker 09-09-2003 05:19 PM


Leader of Men 09-09-2003 10:12 PM


JulieCitySlicker 09-09-2003 10:23 PM

Relieved:eek: My check comes tomorrow:bounce:

Leader of Men 09-09-2003 10:32 PM

Glad to hear!

JenRN 09-10-2003 08:46 AM


JulieCitySlicker 09-10-2003 12:44 PM

I'm sorry Jen:( I hope you feel better soon:hugs:

JulieCitySlicker 09-10-2003 12:50 PM

Excited:dancing: I have some money to spend:bounce:

Time to go to ghetto Mart and go shopping:rolleyes: Not looking forward to it but its the closest one to walk to.

njcreedite 09-10-2003 01:27 PM

:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

VERY ANGRY WITH TICKETMASTER...and their stupid evil new plans to auction off the best seats.....

Blaize 09-10-2003 01:32 PM

My one word today would be OLD!!!

JulieCitySlicker 09-10-2003 03:26 PM


GoodGodGirl23 09-10-2003 06:42 PM


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