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JulieCitySlicker 04-21-2003 07:28 PM


Originally posted by addicted2stapp
Yeah, it sucks. This happens every change of season, i get bad asthma.  

Oooh yes, i used to get hayfever change of season too, but no more! :D because i take these pills every morning for that, they really help.  

No need to worry bec, i was just abit tight chested and wheezy, but i'm okay now:P

I'm glad your feeling better Hayley:angel: I was born with asthma but it went away and I was healed from it:angel: Thank God! I hear that stuff is no fun at all:(

Tremontichik006 04-21-2003 09:25 PM


Originally posted by TremontiWanaB
...dont you you hate it when the weather finally starts warming up...and you get all your shorts and summer stuff ready....and then BAM!!!!! ITS COLD AGAIN!!!!!.....then you get sick cus your still wearin your shorts and short sleeve hate it!!!....:(

the same is happening here. i had on a short sleeve shirt and then i go outside expecting it to be somewhat warm but it was pretty cold

marlsy 04-21-2003 09:47 PM

the same here too!!!! It's usually about 80 degrees and hotter by now!!!! It's crazy!!! I want a tan!! :(

TeriB19 04-21-2003 09:49 PM

I just want the damn cold to be gone for good!!:grr:

JulieCitySlicker 04-21-2003 09:49 PM

It got cold here to:( Whats up with that:confused:

JenRN 04-21-2003 11:37 PM

I wish I was in Alaska again:crying: After looking at all my pictures today I want to go back sooooo bad, I loved it there:)

JulieCitySlicker 04-21-2003 11:59 PM

Whoa Jen! You went to Alaska:P Did you see and big fatty bears:eek:

JenRN 04-22-2003 12:12 AM


Originally posted by JulieLovesCreed
Whoa Jen! You went to Alaska:P  Did you see and big fatty bears:eek:

Bears, whales:D :D :D , dolphins, eagles, otters, glaciers and so on! It was the most beautiful place I have been yet, I felt so at peace there amoungst all the nature, it was overwhelming!!! The simplicity of life there was appealing to me!:angel:

creedfan47a 04-22-2003 01:39 AM

Do they have McDonalds in Alaska? ;) :lol: :lol:

JulieCitySlicker 04-22-2003 02:12 PM

I'm bored:rolleyes:

GeeK_2004 04-22-2003 02:16 PM

i`m bored too...

JulieCitySlicker 04-22-2003 02:17 PM

and tired for some reason.

GeeK_2004 04-22-2003 02:20 PM

I might spend the night at one of my friends house this sat. I hopin that my mom would/will say yea into me going!!

Tremontichik006 04-22-2003 04:35 PM

im going to a concert friday!! yay its this local band called mindcandy they play heavy. my mom (of all people) got the tickets so me and my friend will be rockin it in the pit!!

creedgirl99 04-22-2003 04:39 PM

I'm jealous, chik!!! Your mom sounds really cool.....

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