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RyanCaleb 09-23-2017 02:36 AM

Anyone play Orbiter?
I remember in Elite 2 Frontier orbiting planets when the only pads where occupied and if you accelerated time while hover over the planet you would either run out of fuel or smash into the planet. The only way to wait was to put the ship into orbit and accelerate time. Actually the prefered approach was to blow the other ships clean off the pad, run away from the cops or shoot them all down, pay the fine and land.

I was rather annoyed that orbits always degraded, even when I looked up the correct altitude and speed for Earth orbit the orbit only remained stable for about 1 day. I found an article that had an interview with Braben where he pointed out that the orbital mechanics were programmed using integer mathematics so would degrade quickly.

It was this that made me hunt down Orbiter Sim. It's a pretty awesome game, especially with the add-ons for Delta Glider IV. If ED could get anywhere close to the aerobraking for atmosphered planetary landings it would be awesome, but... I doubt it. Far too involved for ED's flight dynamics.


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