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adparaiki 03-01-2013 08:18 PM

mental scars
hi, i am Adam, like to write songs play guitar and try to sing, Well my band has finally got back together after 4 years, i've had a real up and down 12 months with finding someone I loved getting engaged moving in together and it all falling apart and us splitting up my band mates have really helped.

I now have a new focus which is to write music again.

This is a song I am working on now called Mental scars - video and music to come at a later date,

i was tormented to the brink of beyond breaking down, pain is what I found, unable to let go is how I feel, frustrations taken me so I drop and kneel -

chorus: it takes contol, it takes a hold of you, mental scars make you feel like giving up, you don't know when it will let you go

i see in black and white, no longer paralysed, the light turned on and removed the dark clouding my mind i will live my life

here is another song i wrote called till you showed me

would really appreciate any feedback x, thanks i have really found alot of strength and comfort from creed, scott stapp and alter bridge over the years and from this community

bilal 04-01-2013 10:04 AM

Re: mental scars
Dude, sorry to learn about your ... situation ... but hey, seems like it could lead to some great writting.
Good Luck!

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