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mr_seeker_ny 08-20-2010 02:23 PM

8/20/10 - PNC Bank Arts Center show in Holmdel, NJ
Hey guys - I'll be at the show in NJ tomorrow and looking forward to hearing more songs from "Full Circle". I'll post a setlist and let you all know how it went.

TrulyAmazing 08-20-2010 02:43 PM

Re: 8/20/10 - PNC Bank Arts Center show in Holmdel, NJ
Alrighty, Lets make sure its all good posting now i,ll be expecting that and nothing else, i,ll be expecting that set list, PEACE BE WITH YOU IN JESUS NAME,

mr_seeker_ny 08-22-2010 03:30 AM

Re: 8/20/10 - PNC Bank Arts Center show in Holmdel, NJ
Just got back from the show and it was fantastic!!! It was my 7th Creed concert ( 1 Human Clay, 3 Weathered, 2 Full Circle from last year) and I'd say it may have been the best since my first one way back on Labor Day in September 2000. Stapp sounded great throughout and the band looked like a family again. Everyone looked sincerely happy to perform together, especially Stapp and Tremonti. Stapp was on his game, sounded excellent, and totally had the crowd in the palm of his hand. He spoke before every song and really got into the meanings of the old songs and how their message still applies to whats going on in society today. PNC was a full house, the theater and lawn area were packed when Creed hit the was just a great night!!

Creed hit the stage at 9:20pm and played til 11pm...thrilled to have my fave band rock the house for an hour and 40 mins!! Here's the setlist:

My Own Prison
Are You Ready?
A Thousand Faces
Say I
What If
What's This Life For
Faceless Man
With Arms Wide Open
My Sacrifice

One Last Breath

I was only disappointed not to hear Rain and Full Circle, but Stapp sounded so great and was so into the show tonight that all is forgiven LOL. Great show and I will definitely see them again when they hit the NY/NJ I always do!

TrulyAmazing 08-22-2010 11:00 AM

Re: 8/20/10 - PNC Bank Arts Center show in Holmdel, NJ
thanks so much for your post tell ya what its been such a good breathing and refreshing tour for the boys has,nt it :D so glad you had a swell time, ..........:rockon: :rofl: and have good one,

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