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theironhorse 05-03-2009 09:51 PM

Sunday Dispatch.432
Sunday Dispatch .432

The Words of the Wise prod us to live well.
They are like nails hammered home, holding life together.

~ Ecclesiastes 12:11

TrulyAmazing 05-21-2009 10:49 AM

Re: Sunday Dispatch.432
Indeed michale the preacher soght to find out acceptable words AND THAT which Was Written Upright Even Words Of Truth, the words of the wise as goads and as nails fastend by the masters Of Assemblies which are given from one shepherd to the other And verse 9 tells us Because The Preacher Was Wise He still taught the people knowlege yea he gave good heed And Sought Out And Set In Order Many Proverbs PSALM 119~165 tells us THERE is a peace in keeping GODS Law, Great Peace Have they Which Love The Law The Psalms 119~98 Good Lord Knows When We Have A Bad Day or nothing ever goes right for NO apparent Reason That Sometimes Have No Human Logic Nor Spirtual Logic In Our Lifes I Wanna SAY PRAISE JESUS And The One Thing We Have To Look foward Is GODS Reasons Which Our Plentiful And Enduring Like THE BEATLES We Can Work It Out AMEN Thou Through Thy Commandmeants Hast Made Me Wiser Than Mine Enemies For They Are Ever With Us PRAISE JESUS PRAISE JESUS Because He Furfilled LIKE Love Me Tender May All Your Dreams Furfill For He Loves Us And He Always Will HE Set Us Free FROM Contempt GLORY So We Could Cling To The Word Of God praise jesus ya know im glad you brought up THE Ecc in one of these dispatches PRAISE JESUS i,ve had few to tell me brother michale That I get Confused GLORY To GOD In The Proverbs And The Ecc AMEN JESUS SAID My Words ARE NOT THE AUTHER OF CONFUSION PRAISE JESUS but the auther of love so we can forbear one anothers burdens and issuies we our the vessels and he is the hands that saves us there is no sitution to big for JESUS no matter The Issuie Peace Be With Ya,s And Thank You So Much Michale For Countiuning Your Dispatches May Ye Never Love In Vain And In My Heart You Will Remain Forever Young Blessings

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