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MissSeeker 02-11-2006 01:00 PM

Losing you
I still memorise the first time I saw you
shining like a star
straight into my heart
the sweet moment I knew
my heart was captured for true

then I look at you today
and all I have lost
runs through my memory
I wanna go back
and feel you flow through me

the years like a hurricane passing by
and a vision of you
holding me close once upon a time
now you walk out on this
and I'm left alone in this storm

I've carried your child in my soul
I've used your embrace to keep me warm
and now you're fading away from me
I'm losing you to this world
too small for my love to be

you're all I see
in heaven just you and me
I remember all this life has stolen
you are still my sancitity
I'll treasure you for enternity

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