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aussiecreeder 05-13-2004 08:44 AM

wind-up's atomship contest
Day in Rock reports: How about that, two great contest in one week! We normally don't plug contests unless there are something of interest aside from filling in the blanks. With that in mind, we have the info a cool new contest just launched by Wind-Up Records for one of their new band's Atomship. You may have seen the Atomship bunny popping up all across your favorite music sites over the past couple weeks. Now you can get in on the fun and maybe even win an iPod!

Are you creative? A little crazy? Wind-up is giving away an iPod to the person who comes up with the craziest coolest online thing based on the "weird bunny graphics" being used to promote the Atomship release. It can be anything, Wallpaper, banners, buddy icons, screensavers, flash pieces. Here's a great chance to get your creative juices flowing and use your imagination. If you want to send your creations to us to post, we'll even set up a special page if we get enough submissions (use the submit story link to contact us). See the full story link for more details on the contest.

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