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creedsister 04-29-2005 12:10 PM

Dont Stop Holding Me Unto You You Hold Me
I Bow Before You Again And Again You Have Broken Me Over And Over Again So My Plea Is Please Please Pleas Please Dont Stop Holding Me The Way You Just Did So Broken So Far Gone She Always She Always Must Know You Are There And You Understand Broken Has Broken Can Be Sometimes Numb As Numb Can Be Knowing I,am I,am I,am The Comforter Of All That Broken I Love All The Way Like Endless Love Songs For They Are You That Dwells Inside Of Me Please Please Dont Stop Holding Me All The Way I Love You More Than Self I Only Feel Your Pain Please Please Dont Stop Holding Me Broken Before Thee From The Depths Of My Soul, Oh Please Give Me You Know I Can Oh Oh Lord How You Know She Can And How You Know Without You She Has No Mind She Has No Feel She Has No Thought Of Failure Not Thought Of Peace Unless She Knoweth Your At Peace I have No Joy Only Your Joy Of Truth And Happiness Please Please Dont Stop Holding Me When Im Far Away From This Place Its You That I need Its Where I Belong In Evert Thought In Mind And Memory Of Truth Everything That Was Ever Right Everything Thats Good To Me And Everything That Dosent Hide From Me Pleas Dont Stop Holding Me I Need You More Today And These Hours Thats Brought Me Higher To Fly Across Mountians And Stronger To Overcome That Which I Must Oh Do You Really Really Really Know Just What A Touch Of Your Hand Can Do Please Give Me Time I Will Put It To An End I Love You I Love And I Wanna Hold You More Stregnth Was Given To Me Do Forever Endure Im Sure You Must Know You Are The Easy One I,am I,am The Hard One Read Me Dont You Know Thats Why I Need You Thats Why I Love You Nobody Understands Me Nobody Knows My Ways Nobody Knows What I Must Do But You And I Know You Need More I Know You Do So Please Understand Im Holding On To All Not One And Leaving The Other Things Behind But Im Holding On To Every Command And Every Waking Hour Oh How I Know You Want More You Got All You Ever Wanted Or Ever Needed Is Right Here And Im Right Here Living And Breathing Every Breath You Need You Need To Take So Please Please Dont Tell Me Your Sorry Just Please Please Dont Stop Holding Me All The Way Like Endless Love Song I Bow Before Thee In Broken Truth I Can Take It I Can Take It I Wont Fake It Without You I Cant Make It Just A Touch Just A Glimpse Of What You Can Really Do This Road That Im On Is Slow And Growing Longer But Yet So Fueled I Cant Seem To To Tire From My Own Fire But It So Easy To Break Down My Walls Before Thee I Carry Both With Me The End And The Beging And I Love You So All The Way Like Endless Love Songs Please Dont Stop Holding Me Untill You Hold Me Dont Stop Holding Me Untill You Hold Me I Really Dont Care If You Hold Me In Anger Because Its You I Dont Care If You Hold Me Hate Because Its You But I Will Only Hold You In Love And Truth And The Truth Is I Need It And A Lot Of It Its You Im Naked Without I Bow Before Thee Dont Stop Holding Me Untill You Hold Me Nothing Can Stop Me From Holding On Nothing Can Stop From Holding You Nothing Can Stop From Me From Being With The One That I Love Except The Trials And The Unseen That Made Who We Are Well I Cant Help It And I Can Change It And Would You Believe Those The Same Things Is Pushing Me So Close That I Some How Rest And Rest Because I Know Im Not In Where Else Other Than Where I Supposta Be Dont Stop Holding Me Untill You Hold Me You Know Me So Well The Bitter Bitter Sweet Sweet Sweet End :) :) :) :) :jam: :jam: :jam:

Ann Allusion 04-29-2005 03:36 PM

what beautiful thoughts...i think that we all hope to be held forever, cs... :) :rockon:

HR2004 04-29-2005 10:07 PM

I liked it!!

creedsister 04-29-2005 11:21 PM

Thanks :jam: :jam: :jam: :jam: :jam:

Sincirr 05-03-2005 12:07 AM


Nobody understands me
Nobody knows my ways
Nobody knows what I must do but you
And I know you need more, I know you do


creedsister 05-03-2005 01:00 PM

:jam: :jam: thanks , tweetie those were sis Favorite Lines 2

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