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Dogstar 12-13-2002 04:11 AM

Yeah, I know from Shaq....dunno from fu schnickens. WTF??? Stop messing with me. It's late and it's been a long friggin day. Is this from one of Shaq's movies or something? Forgive me, I'm a little slow sometimes.:D

DangerousDan85 12-13-2002 04:13 AM

It's from Shaq's first cd "SHAQ DIESEL" it came out in 1992

DangerousDan85 12-13-2002 04:14 AM

they're Shaq's favorite rappers

Dogstar 12-13-2002 04:15 AM

Okey dokey, I'm a little clueless when it comes to rappers.

DangerousDan85 12-13-2002 04:20 AM

I hate rap, but Shaq is excellent :rolleyes:

creedchick02 12-13-2002 06:17 AM

Right now i have been into i have .......


Dogstar 12-13-2002 12:22 PM

Jerry Cantrell -- Degradation Trip Vols. 1 & 2
Creed -- HC
Nirvana -- Nevermind
Pearl Jam -- Vs.

Creed23 12-13-2002 02:25 PM

Dirty Vegas

SJack5802 12-13-2002 05:29 PM


Originally posted by DangerousDan85
not as good as


:lol: I can picture Shaq saying that right now

allison 12-13-2002 05:30 PM

I just bought the new Dixie Chicks album, Home. It's great.

SJack5802 12-13-2002 05:31 PM


Originally posted by DangerousDan85
I likes to blow my boner

HaHa :lol: :lol:

Dogstar 12-13-2002 09:24 PM

Jerry Cantrell -- Degradation Trip Vol. 2 (again, I know...I'm obsessed)

Xterminator27 12-13-2002 09:27 PM

Ive seen JErry live... they were opening for creed...... uhh yes, creed was better, but they ok

Dogstar 12-13-2002 09:48 PM

I saw Jerry open for Creed and thought he kicked major a**! Tough to say who was better that night. I also saw him twice on his headlining tour and he rocked the house in a huge way. He and AIC are my other obsessions, besides Creed, of course.:D

hayley 12-13-2002 11:29 PM


Originally posted by SJack5802
HaHa   :lol: :lol:

he likes to blow his boner...right...and i thought he was cool...;)

Dogstar 12-13-2002 11:51 PM

Audioslave -- Audioslave

DangerousDan85 12-14-2002 12:26 AM


Originally posted by SJack5802
Scott Stapp makes me hot.

to each his own

Dogstar 12-15-2002 01:31 AM

Jerry Cantrell -- Degradation Trip Vol. 2

DangerousDan85 12-15-2002 01:35 AM

Will Smith- Willenium

iris69 12-15-2002 01:38 AM

tiny music - stp

DangerousDan85 12-15-2002 01:40 AM

switched to Fu-Snickens

Dogstar 12-15-2002 04:01 AM

Jerry Cantrell -- Boggy Depot (I'm in a Jerry state of mind.)

DangerousDan85 12-15-2002 04:06 AM

Britney Spears- Oops I Did It Again

Dogstar 12-15-2002 04:10 AM

Hey, on the other thread you were listening to Fu Snickens...hmmmm...

DangerousDan85 12-15-2002 04:13 AM

I have dueling headphones, trying to absorb all of the good music I can.

Dogstar 12-15-2002 04:18 AM


DangerousDan85 12-15-2002 04:19 AM

still rocking the Fu-Snickens, but switched to Kenny G on my other cd player

hide_tremonti 12-15-2002 08:39 AM

In one CD player: Tool - Lateralus
In another CD player: Metallica's Black Album
In my MD: Self-Made Compilation of Creed

Dogstar 12-15-2002 01:25 PM

Creed HC import
Metallica -- Black album
Led Zeppelin II
Pink Floyd -- Dark Side of the Moon
Jerry Cantrell -- Degradation Trip Vol 2

Dogstar 12-15-2002 08:04 PM

Have switched to the portable -- Soundgarden -- Superunknown

creedfan47a 12-15-2002 08:57 PM


Originally posted by DangerousDan85
Britney Spears- Oops I Did It Again

I'm a bit sad - I kinda like that song! :lol:

In my CD player at the moment is Madonna - 'Ray of Light'.

SJack5802 12-15-2002 09:13 PM


Originally posted by DangerousDan85
switched to Fu-Snickens

The FU-Snickens and Shaq jam old school style. lol

JenRN 12-15-2002 09:13 PM

In my car is:
3 Doors Down
Foo Fighters
Scorpion King Sountrack

SJack5802 12-15-2002 09:14 PM

Is the Scorpion Soundtrack really good, I was thinking about getting it. Doesn't it have creed on it.

krzycreedbabe 12-15-2002 09:19 PM

ahh dude GET IT! its awesome..and yea it has To Whom it May Concern on it:D :bounce:

creedfan47a 12-15-2002 09:26 PM

I like the Nickelback song on the Scorpion King soundtrack too.

Dogstar 12-15-2002 09:49 PM

Audioslave-- Audioslave

krzycreedbabe 12-15-2002 10:29 PM


Originally posted by creedfan47a
I like the Nickelback song on the Scorpion King soundtrack too.

yea me too!!:D :bounce: :jam:

Xterminator27 12-15-2002 10:32 PM

I like the Creed song on the squiorpian ST .

To whom it may concern ROCKS THA HOUSE

krzycreedbabe 12-15-2002 10:41 PM

U SAID IT !! :jam:

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