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Rulesdontapply 07-03-2004 12:33 PM

Not a poem but id really enjoy any opinions on this!..
I posted this on my xanga site after reading what a friend of mine wrote on this subject. he believs that you can love a girlfriend and than brake up with her and then love the next girlfriend the same way. tell me if u agree or do i make sense at all? anyway i love you'alls opinions so feel free to post them for me. thanxs :)

I'v kinda been thinking about something one of my friends wrote on about love. This is kinda a confusing subject so i hope i dont lose anyone, especially me, ha, in my view of it. I guess i first of all believe that i, only being 17, cant really 'love' a girl right now like i will someday love my wife. i know i really care for a girl and here is where im lost. before i dated her i cared for her as a friend, and i know i 'love' alot of my friends if you will. i think alot of ppl do but may be ashamed to say it or express it. but christ told us to love our own neighbors more than yourself and he doesnt really say they have to be your friends. so how can i feel less about my friends than about a neighbor i probably dont even here is my point. a friend was talking to me and said, " well if u loved her as a friend before you dated her than what has changed". this kind of confused me for a moment and here is what i, or we, came up with. if i did love her as a friend and now date her, than i dont actually stop loving her as a friend but i care for her in a different way than just friends. I dont know if we completly agreed on this but it makes sense in my head. so i guess my view is that i dont think i really now. haha. kinda lame but i dont know if iv actually ever been loved and thats where i kinda get my decesion from. not that im not loved by my friends because im sure most of them do but i dont know that iv ever been loved by a girl in that way. i havent had alot of experiance there but i know that when i think about what love means to me and how they cared for me it wasnt really love. iv even had a girl tell me she loved me and as soon as she sed it i know she thought she meent it but the words just seemed dead. like they couldnt really be true. and that will take me to my view on christ and he's love. lol, and if its bothered you up until now than u better stop reading now. ha. anyway. when christ says he loves us he says he loves us as hes children and that he only loves, kind of like a spouse if you will, and i think he actually refers to it as he 'bride', one thing and thats the church. so again he's children, or friends, he loves many of but still he only loves one 'bride' and thats the church. so anyway thats my 150 cents. haha. but i really want to hear your opinions on this and now what you think so post me replys and ill ttyl!

HR2004 07-03-2004 05:34 PM

i believe your therory awesome work

creedsister 07-04-2004 04:55 PM

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hows it going!!!!!!!! LOVE THE SUBJECT, :bounce: i here ya!!!!! We,s all a little confused Rules ;) :jam: :jam:

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